Hello friends,

My name is Atanas Dimitrov. 28 years old software developer from the small but so beautiful country called Bulgaria 🇧🇬!

I'm mainly mobile developer - Android & iOS. However I love to explore new technologies and fields like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python and counting...
I have passion for exploring new architectures, like MVP and MVVM, as well as try new cutting edge technologies like Dagger 2, RxJava...

My languages stack contains working experience with Java, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, C#, PHP...
As well as some experience with HTML, CSS and Jade.

You're wondering why I bolded only the Kotlin language? The answer is - it's just AWESOME 😍!

I'm a co-founder of one startup - NaughtySpirit, that I and four university colleagues founded a few years ago. What an amazing and improving time it was! I'm missing it a lot... But life is life, sometimes we have to move on and be grateful for everything in the past!
We worked on some products but just one of them was a great success! An Android app for photo editing that hit the 13 million installs and still counting! It's called RetroSelfie - Selfies Editor.

Apart from my life as a software developer 👨‍💻, I love to spend time reading books, watching movies, riding my bike, taking photos and have fun with my friends and family. The usual things! 😅

You can find me on: