How to resolve such a problem which is not that easy resolvable...

So, if you receive such warning from Google what do you do? That's correct, you go to the Help Center.

But what happens, when the suggested resolution to your problem is not applicable in your case?

You start searching and searching in the search engines, forums, StackOverflow... And finally you found a solution! What a relieve! 😌

The Problem 🤔

When I found out which account is the problem, I tried to follow the instructions but the Account section is not active. I cannot click on the side drawer item so I couldn't access the page from which I could cancel the AdSense in this Google account.

Solution 🚀

What I found is that I could close the payment profile which automatically closes the AdSense account.

So, how do you close the payment account?

Click on your avatar on the top right corner and click on the My Account button. And then:

Payments & Subscriptions ➡️ Manage Payment Methods ➡️ Settings ➡️ Close Payment Profile at the bottom of the page.

If you successfully closed the payment account, you will receive shortly an email that you closed it and a few seconds after the first email - another informing you that the AdSense account has been closed! 🥳